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Country: uk
Message posted on: 18:11, Tuesday, 6th November

hey britney,yor top babe whatever anybody says.all the best for the future.
Annaklar Moller
Country: sweden
Message posted on: 04:11, Monday, 5th November

hi britney i know how you feel, i had do the same fol in lov with a wrong gay, and i did evry thing for him and luck what i em now? i a contry that im not know with a gay ho dont care abot me and im sitting here alone the hol days and dont know woh to do, im so glad that im not in your situvetion, i tink i woden hadel that so good as you do.. anna
Ruthy Message posted on: 19:11, Thursday, 1st November

Dear Britney! best wishes for you and your children!!! Im also quite a young mom: Im 27 and my boy is almost six. Were alone and it aint easy to have so much pressure and respnonsability. All Love and good look with everything!! It ll surely turn out well.
Message posted on: 11:11, Thursday, 1st November

We love you Britney. Take care of yourself.
Country: Germany
Message posted on: 12:10, Sunday, 14th October

Britney come back to us.:( We miss you.
You was so good and now, you are a terrible woman, but we love you, for always.
Country: Australia
Message posted on: 01:10, Friday, 5th October

I just want to lend my support to Britney. I am a new mum and would hate to lose my child through custody. Children are very precious, Britney, do what ever you can or need to in order to win them back... Also, good luck with your career. Take care and God Bless
Country: switzerland
Message posted on: 20:10, Thursday, 4th October

I feel with you.... I was mobbed too and because i was so distressed they said that I could not take care of my kids.. a three year battle over them... i won, got myself a job, bought a old house and did it up, went back to study and got myself and my life and that of my kids sorted out... am a sagittarean like u .. we fall apart when love breaks up... but hey... look at me... I am the living evidence that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.... you can do it !!! stay strong, stay tuned, stay focused, love yourself and take care of yourself.... no one else will do if you dont and get what is yours... you deserve it ... and you can do it...
Country: luxembourg
Message posted on: 10:10, Thursday, 4th October

britney tu souffre a cause de ne plus etre avec justin ,mais sache ke nous tes fan ont est toujour aupres de toi mais vous etier en si joli couple
je tador
Message posted on: 10:10, Tuesday, 2nd October

Hi britney i guess your a bit busy at the mo honey stop being influenced by the people around you because im pretty sure they are not helping you. you need to look at whats happening and ditch the complete superfical images people portray about you .you dont need to be a bit of ass are a very good singer it doesnt matter your not blonde and super slim anymore get your kids back then work on a more truthfull album i hope you can get well and happy soon
Message posted on: 12:09, Tuesday, 18th September

hi brit you are astrong girl dont let that man you married bring you down you got awonderful life you are young and good lookin tell that fed guy you are back and you will see what he will do in life you need to stop wantin things you need to need it that the way it goes in my country off grenada i remember when you said you want that guys look what happinso stop wantin and need ok good luck in life take care off those handsome boys ok god love you he loves just try to tell him you love him sometime
Irma B.
Country: Germany
Message posted on: 14:09, Monday, 17th September

It wasnt so bad at awards. Like deliberately showing that bad side which was expected. YOU was the sexiest Americas teeny!!! I always liked u more then aguilera. You have 2 children now. Watch your clip My Prerogative when u feel bad ;)
Terri-ann Morgan
Country: Canada
Message posted on: 02:09, Sunday, 16th September

hey brit! i saw the award show the other night. I could tell that u were nervous. I know that there was a lot of pressure, but girl just shake it off and prove them wrong. Just be a great mom and continue being u. from a mother to a mother, girl u look good!!! and stop listenin to critics. YOU NEW IS SONG IS THE BOOM !!! Keep u head up
Country: Uzbekistan
Message posted on: 10:09, Thursday, 13th September

I love you .If onlyI have a chance to see.Good bye
Briahna Dejesus
Country: unitedstates
Message posted on: 22:09, Tuesday, 11th September

Hey Britney I would like to know where to go to become a singer.Any suggestions of which schools to go to?
Rob William
Country: canada
Message posted on: 05:09, Tuesday, 11th September

Hi Britney,You are the hottest babe on this planet and will be for a long time to come.Take care sweety
Shay Paterson
Country: england
Message posted on: 22:08, Thursday, 30th August

Hi Brits i luv ya so much i really want to see u!! id die to see you luv ya always SHAY PATERSON!!! YORKXXXX
Country: united states
Message posted on: 14:08, Saturday, 25th August

hey britney i am your biggest fan i have you all over my wall you are my roll model
Message posted on: 23:08, Sunday, 19th August

hi l love you Britney.l want to see you.
Erin Dundee
Country: scotland
Message posted on: 12:08, Friday, 3rd August

she should go back home and stay with her mum so she is away from hollywood
luv from erinx
Mellisa Britney
Country: south africa
Message posted on: 11:08, Thursday, 2nd August

hey there i think that britney is my role model because we have the same name and we look alike.
Message posted on: 12:07, Sunday, 29th July

Hey beautiful love your music. And love your body SWEETIE
Michele Brullo
Country: Bern
Message posted on: 16:07, Tuesday, 24th July

Vorei fare L`amore con te britney!!! Tanti saluti Michele
Country: united states
Message posted on: 16:07, Friday, 13th July

Hey BRIT> Just wanted to write like you probably are going to read this anyway but to say I LOVE YOU ALWAYS HAVE AND ALWAYS will so keep doin your thang and ride out with me. always your number one fan in florida JOSEPHa.k.a big pimpin a,ka, jweazydaboss
Anna Blue
Country: Finland
Message posted on: 20:07, Thursday, 12th July

I heard "Everytime"on the radio and it probably saved my life. Thank You.
Niki L H
Country: Why do you ask
Message posted on: 21:07, Sunday, 8th July

Go to hell Britney Spears, you are not a very good person and my daddy said so, so go to hell!

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